Research Projects

Engaging in health systems research to provide inputs for informed decision making process is the most important area of our work. HSRII conducts various types of research ranging from operations research, descriptive studies, evaluation studies (baseline, midterm, and impact assessment) and action research for state and central governments, development partners, public health institutions and NGO’s. The research portfolio is well equipped to undertake various aspects of research studies starting from conceptualizing an idea into research framework, research design, preparing review and evaluation instruments, collection and coordination of data, monitoring data quality, data analysis, report writing and dissemination of findings.

Research HSRII

Our team members are trained in Public Health, Epidemiology, Demography, Bio-Statistics, Health Economics & Financing, Hospital Management, Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Social Work, and Information Technology from institutions in India and abroad. We have a vast network of trusted field investigators and team leaders in almost all the states, with years of experience in data collection for both quantitative and qualitative research. Our field team is also supported by technology division which works on data analysis and data visualization for various research projects.

Ongoing projects

Completed projects