Surgical Workforce in Kerala: A Situation Analysis of Production, Stock, and Migration


Kerala is unique for having a long history as a major supplier of doctors and nurses in India. This reflects the state’s high capacity for producing nurses and doctors, many of who work in other parts of India, and across the world. This is part of a broader pattern of citizens of the state migrating for employment internally and externally, particularly to the Middle East and European nations.

The case study on the migration of surgical health workforce from Kerala study aims to provide a situation analysis of the surgical workforce in the state of Kerala. The case study presents the estimates of the production, stock and migration of surgical specialists from the state of Kerala. In addition, this study also provides a summary of available sources of data on production and migration of health workers in India identifies gaps and limitations of available data sources and provides recommendations for improvements in information systems for human resources for health.

Funding Agency: Public Health Foundation of India


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November 26, 2015