A study on understanding the impact of health initiatives undertaken by Reliance Industries Limited CSR Intiatives



Reliance Study- CSR


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of Reliance Industries Limited are primarily focused towards providing affordable health care services. Cumulatively health initiatives at RIL CSR locations have provided more than 2.5 million patient consultations to over 1.5 million people. Some of these initiatives have been in place for more than 10 years and since these initiatives contribute to large number of beneficiaries, it was imperative that an impact assessment of the health initiatives in improving health indicators of the communities is done. The main objective of the study was to document the various health initiatives undertaken by RIL CSR locations and to understand the impact of these initiatives.

The study was designed as a case study of impact assessment of health CSR activities implemented by Reliance. The study involved analysis of CSR project documents, key informant interviews, and a limited sample (user) survey in four locations to understand the programme and comment on the main objectives. The study was done in two phases and the four locations included Jamnagar, Hazira, Patalganga and Gadimoga. In the first phase a profiling of the CSR activities and its processes using secondary data analysis and key informant interviews was undertaken in all the four locations. In the first phase, secondary data and document review was done to understand the structure of the CSR model in each of the four locations, the implementation framework, service delivery mechanism and governance and management structure. The second phase involved the assessment of the impact of the various health CSR activities implemented in the four locations. The second phase included the primary data collection and qualitative interviews from the four CSR locations.

Funding Agency: Reliance Foundation


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November 12, 2015