Development of State Health Accounts (SHA) for Kerala


SHA Picture (On going Studies)

National Health Accounts is a standardized tool to support health system decision making process by systematically capturing flow of resources in three dimensions – financing, consumption and provision. PHFI as part of the USAID program titled “Health Financing Program” (HFP) is developing State Health Accounts (SHA) for tracking the financial flows to health sector in five states which include Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Punjab. In Kerala, the development of State Health Accounts is done in collaboration with HSRII, which is the state level partner for health accounts data collection and analysis.

The State Health Accounts (SHA) tracks public and private sources of health expenditure in Kerala. Data is collected from various public departments and programs that incur expenditure on health services. The primary source of public health expenditure is through Department of Health and Family Welfare and State Health Society which routes the National Health Mission Funds. In Kerala, the public health institutions are under the direct control of Local Self Governments (LSG). They also incur expenditure on public health institutions and data from LSGD department is also collected for developing the SHA. Further another major source of expenditure is the through the insurance scheme of Government of Kerala. The state is having two insurance scheme (a) Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) and (b) CHIS Plus. Data on both these schemes is obtained from the Comprehensive Health Insurance Authority of Kerala (CHIAK).The Out-of-Pocket Expenditure data will be gathered from the latest round of National Sample Survey on Health and Morbidity (71st round)

Funding Agency: Public Health Foundation of India


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November 26, 2015