Health Systems Research Brief Health Systems Research Brief is an open access bi-annual publication of HSRII focusing on various aspects of research on health systems strengthening and implementation issues. The scope of the research brief includes conceptual and methodological papers related to health systems and implementation research Selected Readings on Indian Health Systems IHHS is being hosted at the Institute of Public Health (IPH), Bangalore. IPH aims to create an equitable, integrated, decentralized and participatory health system within a just and empowered society. IPH works towards this aim through conducting research, training, consultancy and advocacy activities on various public health issues.  IHHS’s overall aim was to promoting knowledge and sharing of expertise/resources within Indian public health community to facilitate health systems strengthening. Over the last five months, IHHS has developed “Selected Readings on Indian Health System”, which is a compilation of reviews of selected papers related to health system issues in India including news items, conference announcements, call of proposals etc. IHHS had brought out three issues of selected readings till now and it has become a monthly outcome. A web portal of IHHS has been developed ( where apart from Selected Readings on Indian Health System, the readings in public health, an exhaustive compilation of recent papers related to various public health issues, is being hosted.