Capacity Building Workshop on Universal Health Coverage

Capacity Building Workshop on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Health Financing for Government of Arunachal Pradesh

India had set an ambitious target of moving towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) during 12th Plan period. The plan mandated to provide comprehensive health security in the country and which include appropriate medical care, safe drinking water, proper sanitation, education and health-related information for good health. The state government is responsible for ensuring and guaranteeing UHC for its citizens. In order to start the process the 12th five year plan envisages piloting UHC in one district in each State and UT, and gradually be rolled out thereafter to other districts. Since health being a state subject in India, the onus is on the state governments to put systems to implement polices to achieve UHC. The first step to implement UHC in any State will be to sensitize and orient the health officials about the importance of health systems framework and also about the components of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the context of the State Government.

HSRII conducted a two day capacity building workshop in Arunachal Pradesh aimed at orienting the health department officials about health systems framework and Universal Health Coverage. The main objective of two day workshop was to promote a common understanding of the blocks of health system, concepts and components of UHC. The capacity building also provided an opportunity to understand how health systems approach will contribute to the planning process at State and District Level.


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November 12, 2015