Dear Friends,

The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood is a global Network of maternal health advocates campaigning for more resources and improved implementation of policies and programs to prevent the needless deaths of women.

White Ribbon Alliance India (WRAI) is in the process of reviewing evidence and collating information on gaps and good practices in availability of human resources, infrastructure, and allocation and utilization of funds in MNH.

Our review includes gaps, needs and good practices to improve services and efficiency. As part of the review we have developed a matrix and framework for documenting good practices.

The matrix is attached. Please use the matrix to respond to the query with case studies.

For documenting good practices, we are particularly interested in knowing the following:

· Initiative in terms of objectives, activities, timelines, geographic context, target audience, partnerships, resources involved, and results

· Engagement of the authorities and how was the political commitment and support?

· Key lessons in terms of its potential for replication or scale-up

· ‘How To’ with comprehensive guidance on how to replicate good practice on QoC in different states/geography

This collection of good practices will be shared as an advocacy tool at the national level with expertise, departments, ministries and policymakers to support the advocacy for formulation of strategies to address the gaps towards improving structural inputs for Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) Care Delivery with focus on budgets, infrastructure and human resources.

Your contribution would be highly useful in showcasing how good practices across the country exist where improvements in Maternal Newborn Health are concerned. This will also help us in documenting such experiences and formulating strategies for improvements of Quality of care.

Useful contributions will be duly acknowledged.

Looking forward to your responses.

With regards,

Mohammad Ahsan

Centre for Catalyzing Change (Formerly CEDPA India)

C-1, Hauz Khas,

New Delhi – 110 016

Matrix for documenting good practices.docx