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I am sharing a paper that I co-authored with my colleagues from IPH working on urban health issues. The paper published in BMC Health Services Research an international journal is a 3-year follow-up on burden of non-communicable diseases especially about diabetes and hypertension and health-seeking pattern in Bangalore slum. It shows that NCDs as well as preference for private sector has increased over time among urban poor in Bangalore.

The Key findings:

The overall self-reported prevalence of chronic conditions was 12 %, with hypertension (7 %) and diabetes (5.8 %) being the common conditions. The self-reported prevalence of chronic conditions increased by 3.8 percentage pointover a period of three years (OR: 1.5). Older people, women and people living below the poverty line had greater odds of having chronic conditions across the two studies compared. Majority of patients (89.3 %) sought care from private health facilities indicating a decrease by 8.7 percentage points in use of government health facility compared to the earlier study (OR: 0.5). Patients seeking care from super specialty hospitals and those living below the poverty line were more likely to seek care from government health facilities.

Attached is the article for your information or you can access it form the link below:

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Raising burden NCD.pdf