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Health Systems Research India Initiative is proud to introduce Journal of Health Systems (JHS)- a peer reviewed open access journal and the article submission portal,

The Health Systems approach calls for a multi-dimensional analysis of health improvement in societies and is holistic unlike a segmented approach which discretely examines factors in isolation. Such a multi-dimensional analysis is a challenging task and requires an interdisciplinary competence. The Journal of Health Systems will strive to develop and facilitate such a competence and will promote critical scholarship in this area

International and national scholarship with respect to health systems research recognizes new trends which are emerging in different societies and accepts contextual issues predominating analysis of health improvement.

The way health systems and services are financed, designed, and delivered, the interaction between health services and the people occur in a social context and this contextual analysis of health systems requires multi-disciplinary inputs which can lead to a holistic body of knowledge on health systems . The Journal of Health Systems will particularly welcome contributions which can enhance this holistic understanding of health and health services in societies and which can enrich public health both in developing and developed contexts.

Prof Dr KR Nayar is the editor-in-chief of JHS and the current editorial board has drawn experienced faces from across the globe. Please log on to to register and submit your articles

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Editorial Team, JHS