“Sundarban Health Watch Series 1: How Healthy ate the children of Indian Sundarbans?” is on child health of one of the vulnerable blocks-Pathrpratima in Indian Sundarbans. The present study attempts to examine the health status of the children 0 to 6 years of age, people’s child health seeking processes and accessibility, availability, affordability and acceptability of the existing pluralistic health system of the Sundarbans.

The study tries to explore the ‘structural holes’ in the service delivery of public health care system and the role of informal providers in filling the gaps. It also talks about the quality of care by the indispensable informal providers and frontline formal health workers and the NGO initiatives. The present research used an unique approach by preparing a GIS map covering all types of health care providers within Patharpratima Block to find out their current distribution pattern and hence the gaps therein. To understand the root of the problem, the study takes a child health right approach and attempts to understand whether and to what extent the rights are protected, especially in climatically challenged areas such as the Sundarbans.

In a nutshell, this report generates research evidence on the barriers to service delivery and access of health care services for children and endeavors to find out ways to make the system more effective in the Sundarbans.

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