Special Issue on ‘Engaging with public health’, Indian Anthropologist Vol. 43 (1), 2013
Guest Editor – Arima Mishra
Contributors – Kabir Sheikh, John Porter, Prashanth, N.S. Bart Criel, Bruno Marchal, Flora Cornish, Tulsi Patel, Suhita Chopra Chatterjee, Devaki Nambiar

The thrust of this special issue is on the potentially promising endeavor of doing research at disciplinary intersections –social sciences (more specifically sociology and anthropology) and public health. Tracing major theoretical and methodological developments in these disciplines, this issue charts out scope for productive engagement as well as tensions at the sites of such intersectionality. Drawing evidence from the Indian context, the six articles in this issue provoke critical engagement with multidisciplinary research on health and health systems.

The introduction to the issue is attached here. For any feedback/queries/suggestions, please write directly to the editor at mishraarima, arima.mishra

Engaging with public health-special issue.pdf