Dear All,

Kindly find attached the Report of the Steering Committee on Health for the 12th Five Year Plan.

Also find below the presentations made by various Cross Cutting Groups presentations of Steering Committee.

1. Making Universal Essential Health Care operational.

  1. 2. Ensuring Essential medicines for all.

  1. 3. Building Health Information System (based on full registration of berths and deaths) and disease surveillance (for Communicable and NCD)

  1. 4. Regulation of Food and Drugs, Public Health and Practice in medicine.

  1. 5. Research of national Health goals; frame and ensure practices of clinical guideline.

  1. 6. Developing HR in health; NCHRH

  1. 7. Strengthening tertiary care, including through PPP and self financing models.

  1. 8. Convergence with other social sector programs, particularly ICDS.

  1. 9. MoU with States as a financing and performance tool: addressing Public Health (including Behavior Change Communication) and Health Management challenges

  1. 10. Integrating AYUSH in health research, teaching and practice (AYUSH is also included in other 9 themes)