The Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), in partnership with the World Bank conducted a systematic analysis of issues concerning human resources for health in India. The overall objective of these studies was to provide a deeper understanding of issues concerning HRH in India and provide evidence based policy guidance in this important area.

Three Research Studies

· India’s Health Workforce Size, Composition and Distribution

· Human Resources for Health: A Political, Economy and Institutional Analysis of the Indian Context

· Career Preferences of Medical and Nursing students in Uttar Pradesh: A Qualitative Analysis


· Tackling Human Resource Challenges in India: Setting priorities for Action

· Using Multiple Sources of Information to Estimate India’s Health Workforce

· India’s Health Workforce: Size, Composition, and Distribution

· Challenges in recruitment of doctors by Government

· Some priority challenges of the nursing sector in India

· Career preferences of medical and nursing students in Uttar

You can download the three research studies and India Beat Policy Notes by visiting the following link: