India: Towards Universal Health Coverage

Published January 11, 2011

Executive summary
This Series of papers on India’s path to full health coverage reveals that a failing health system is perhaps India’s greatest predicament. The papers in this Series reveal the full extent of opportunities and difficulties in Indian healthcare, by examining infectious and chronic diseases, availability of treatments and doctors, and the infrastructure to bring about universal health care by 2020. The Series brings together a rapidly growing body of evidence to show that Indian health is in crisis. As the country with the largest democracy in the world, India is well positioned to put health high on the political agenda.

1. Indian health: the path from crisis to progress

Richard Horton, Pam Das

2. Universal health care in India: the time is right

Vikram Patel, AK Shiva Kumar, Vinod K Paul, Krishna D Rao, K Srinath Reddy

3. Securing the right to health for all in India

Binayak Sen

4. Gender equity and universal health coverage in India

Anita Raj

5. India: access to affordable drugs and the right to health

Anand Grover, Brian Citro

6. Good governance in health care: the Karnataka experience

Hanumappa Sudarshan, NS Prashanth

7. Research to achieve health care for all in India

Lalit Dandona, VM Katoch, Rakhi Dandona

8. Universal health care in India: missing core determinants

Ravi Narayan

9. Towards a truly universal Indian health system

Amit Sengupta, Vandana Prasad

10. Series Papers

11. Continuing challenge of infectious diseases in India

NT Jacob John, Lalit Dandona, Vinod P Sharma, Manish Kakkar

12. Reproductive health, and child health and nutrition in India: meeting the challenge

Vinod Kumar Paul, Harshpal Singh Sachdev, Dileep Mavalankar, Prema Ramachandran, Mari Jeeva Sankar, Nita Bhandari, Vishnubhatla Sreenivas, Thiagarajan Sundararaman, Dipti Govil, David Osrin, Betty Kirkwood

13. Chronic diseases and injuries in India

Vikram Patel, Somnath Chatterji, Dan Chisholm, Shah Ebrahim, Gururaj Gopalakrishna, Colin Mathers, Viswanathan Mohan, Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Ravilla D Ravindran, K Srinath Reddy

14. Health care and equity in India

Y Balarajan, S Selvaraj, SV Subramanian

15. Human resources for health in India

Mohan Rao, Krishna D Rao, AK Shiva Kumar, Mirai Chatterjee, Thiagarajan Sundararaman

16. Financing health care for all: challenges and opportunities

AK Shiva Kumar, Lincoln C Chen, Mita Choudhury, Shiban Ganju, Vijay Mahajan, Amarjeet Sinha, Abhijit Sen

17. Towards achievement of universal health care in India by 2020: a call to action

K Srinath Reddy, Vikram Patel, Prabhat Jha, Vinod K Paul, AK Shiva Kumar, Lalit Dandona

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