Dear all,

IPH is co-organising a one day pre-conference workshop on researching inequalities and inequity in health. The workshop is being held in close association with the upcoming EPHP conference (see link for details on the EPHP conference).

The workshop will be held on 7th July at Hotel Chancery in Bangalore (the EPHP venue). It is being held as a part of a larger project on research health equity in India led by Shree Chitra Institute, Trivandrum. Please circulate it among your networks, especially to young researchers who are looking for making an entry into research on health inequity and/or social determinants of health. Seats are limited to 25 participants and participation is free. There is going to be a selection process to ensure a good match between what is on offer and participants’ profile. See attachments for details.

For any details/enquiry about the course, see attachment or write to Dr. Raviprasad Varma (rpvarma)



Application Form_Preconference_workshop.docx