Health Systems Research Indian Initiative (HSRII) is a fast growing network of health system researchers and practitioners around the globe. We collaborate with researchers,academic institutions and implementing agencies to promote knowledge dissemination on strengthening health systems and policy research. Our aim is to collate and disseminate health systems knowledge and to strengthen health systems development by effectively coordinating with policymakers, researchers, academic institutions, community, government, media and implementation agencies. HSRII use the modern information technology based platforms including social media in this process along with traditional methods of knowledge dissemination.



Our Vision: 

“Strengthening Health Systems Through Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination”

To generate knowledge about and through health systems research and facilitate knowledge exchange by bringing together academicians, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, implementation agencies and community for a people- centered health system in India.

HSRII Vision

Our Objectives

  1. Develop a network of public health professionals, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and academicians for facilitating health systems and policy research.
  2. Provide knowledge support for researchers and institutions to encourage and support health systems and policy research.
  3. Creating platforms for sharing ideas, joint learning and spearhead advocacy on health systems and policy research. .
  4. Develop a knowledge repository of existing and past research in the domain of health systems and policy research.
  5. Conduct research, training and capacity building programs in the domain of health systems and policy research..

The Millennium Development Goals have identified knowledge gap as one of the key obstacle that impacts health systems functioning and performance . This is basically addressing what is known and what is actually practiced in field. Knowledge goes beyond, data and data generation activity; it includes ideas, experiences and communities responses to health system strengthening and implementation of programs. HSRII aims to widen the scope of knowledge exchange, by engaging practitioners, policy makers, researchers, academicians and community by providing them a platform for expressing their views about health systems strengthening initiatives.

This initiative was started in 2010 through HSRII-Knowledge Exchange Platform (HSRII KEP). HSRII Knowledge exchange platform was initiated with the primary objective of disseminating health systems research and implementation issues and to stimulate vibrant discussions on topics of importance. HSRII Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) provides an opportunity for sharing ideas and advocate for the relevance of health systems and policy research in India.

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